Discovering the Hidden Charms of Ridgmount Apartments in Wimbledon

Moving to a new place after retirement can be an exciting yet challenging decision. For one couple, the search for the perfect retirement home lasted a year, and their journey ultimately led them to Ridgmount Apartments in Wimbledon. Let’s delve into the reasons why they chose this community and how it became their ideal abode.

A Welcoming Community Feel

The couple were initially drawn to Ridgmount Apartments primarily because of its community-oriented design. The moment they stepped into the building, they were greeted by a residents lounge area, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere instead of a cold and formal reception area. They loved how the building was constructed and arranged to foster a sense of community, and this was precisely what they were looking for in their retirement home.

Size and Manageability

Ridgmount Apartments offered a unique advantage due to its modest size. With only twenty luxury apartments within the building, it provided a manageable small community where residents could truly get to know one another. This small-scale living environment was an essential factor for the couple, as they sought to build meaningful connections with their neighbours.

Future-Proofed Design

The buildings thoughtful design also took into consideration the future needs of its residents. Mr & Mrs Howell mentioned how the wide corridors and amenities (for example having two lifts) helped to make the apartments feel future-proofed, accommodating residents even as they may require additional support or assistance in the years to come.

Location and Accessibility

Location played a significant role in their decision-making process. Ridgmount Apartments’ convenient position in Wimbledon offered a myriad of benefits. The short ten-minute walk to the station and nearby village provided easy access to essential services and transportation. The huge expanse of Wimbledon Common, perfect for nature walks and outdoor activities, was also within walking distance. Additionally, Wimbledon station served as an excellent transport hub with overground, underground, tram, and bus connections.

Wow Factor and Bright Interiors

The couple were immediately captivated by the “wow factor” when they first entered the building. The bright, open, and well-planned interiors of the apartments created an immediate sense of home. The ample natural light pouring through the windows added to the overall appeal of the living spaces.

Low Maintenance Living

As retirees, the couple sought a home that required minimal maintenance, allowing them to focus on enjoying their newfound freedom. Ridgmount Apartments fulfilled this, being a relatively new building with low upkeep demands. The communal garden, lovingly cared for by others, provided them the beauty of nature without the burden of gardening chores. Another asset that the couple appreciated was the secure underground car park with each apartment having its own allocated parking space.

Active Community Engagement

Another aspect that cemented their decision was the presence of active community engagement. Ridgmount Apartments fostered a friendly environment where residents regularly organised events, activities, and clubs themselves. There is a nearby bridge club in Wimbledon (just one bus stop away) as well as a history club and reading group within Ridgmount. Though there isn’t an official art club, there is a resident artist, and some informal art gatherings that occasionally take place. The community have also organised successful events like a wine and cheese party, which included visits from family and friends, fostering social interactions and friendship-building.

The journey to finding the perfect home in their later years ended on a high note for this couple at Ridgmount Apartments in Wimbledon. The combination of a welcoming community, with its manageable size, future-proofed design, and a vibrant social atmosphere made it an irresistible choice. With its perfect location, including access to Wimbledon Common, and low maintenance living, it became an ideal place for them to cherish their retirement years, surrounded by new friends and exciting experiences. Ridgmount Apartments not only provided a beautiful living space but also a place where they could create lasting memories and live life to the fullest. Interested in finding out more? Contact our friendly team who would be happy to help:

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