Exploring Service Charges: Your Guide to Service Charges

We’re here to explain what your service charges cover at Ridgmount Apartments – your way to contribute to a well-maintained, comfortable living space. Think of it as a collective effort to keep things running smoothly and enhance your lifestyle. Here’s what you need to know.

Changes & clarity:  We review your service charges only once a year, so you can budget with confidence. You have the right to request more information about your service charges and if you want any more details, the team at Aster will be able to help.

Cosy comforts:

  • Fuel: Keeping you warm in communal areas.
  • Landlord’s electricity: Lighting up shared spaces.
  • Sewerage/environmental charge: Navigating wastewater.
  • Telephone: Emergency lines and connections.
  • Water: Providing clean water in common areas.
  • Water safety testing: Ensuring water safety.
  • On-site staff costs: A dedicated concierge team for your comfort.

Community care:

  • Communal cleaning: Maintained communal areas.
  • Electrical maintenance: Safety and reliability.
  • Equipment maintenance: From alarms to gates.
  • Grounds maintenance: Keeping the gardens shipshape.
  • Tree works: Nurturing nature around you.


  • Sinking funds – which can also be known as ‘reserve funds’. Sinking funds are used to collect money to pay for major items that need to be replaced or maintained and are charged to leaseholders.

  • TV Aerials/Satellite: Keeping you connected.

  • Leasehold specific charges
  • Management costs.
  • Buildings insurance.
  • Ground rent.


If you’re curious or have any queries about the service charges at Ridgmount Apartments, reach out to our Service Charge Team at 0333 400 8231 or drop the team a line on servicecharges@aster.co.uk.